Wondering about what are ICF Blocks & ICF? ICF System consists of highdensity polystyrene panels. Unlike
conventional hom
e insulation system, which involved spraying insulation material within wooden panels, ICF panels are spaced apart, forming a shuttering system. Once formed, concrete is then poured into the hollow space. Resultantly, a solid concrete cast is formed, which makes the building a solid structure with excellent sound insulation, thermal mass, fire safety and durability. The most agreed advantage would be the fact that it is easy to install with strength, durability, and wellinsulated. It is organized in a plastic framework with interlocking sections and once it is put together concrete is poured in. Since it fits together faultlessly, air infiltration is reduced increasing the insulation value.ICF’s way of construction is also known to hold the temperature which means once heated and airtrapped, it can provide the heat throughout in winters and viceversa for the summer season. ICF Systems are available in Blocks, Panels and Planks. We use the ICF Blocks, whose edges are made to interlock with one another, thus eliminating the use of a binding material between the blocks. Want to discuss more about your ICF construction needs? Contact us via call/chat and we can go from there!