Usually, whenever a house is constructing it has a raft foundation, which is a raft on which the entire weight of the house is distributed. Similarly, as the name clarifies it all, isolated raft foundation is constructed using ICF insulation material. Insulated Raft Therm is a fully insulated foundation system to meet the submissive house standards. Raft Therm foundations are preferred to be preformed to save time on site. Our developers and architects vouch that this foundation form is best to save time in construction. Apart from that, the costeffective aspect as compared to traditional foundations also enhances this method’s capability. Well, no wonder we construct house walls with insulation materials and ICF systems; however, if the raft is constructed using regular material, then it will affect the entire functionality of the insulation system of your house. After all, you wouldn’t want to save a bit of money by keeping a regular shaft and then paying enormous amount of money to cover your heating/cooling bills, would you?

At Daly’s Construction, we believe is building a stronger “foundation” so that your house can last you till eternity.